Dorie is a great coach and I had a wonderful experience working with her. She was exactly what I needed to help me get past some personal issues that were holding me back. She was truly supportive throughout each session that we had together, and helped me to see a lot of things about myself that I would not have been able to see otherwise. Dorie’s kind nature allowed me to feel comfortable to open up and to really find the root of those issues. I would recommend her to anyone needing that extra support and encouragement.
Speaking with Dorie provided clarity to a situation I had been struggling with for some time. Her kind and empathetic nature made it easy for me to open up to her. Her thought-provoking questions helped me move forward in my life. I have gained personal insights and a deeper understanding on who I am and what’s important for me at this time in my life. I would not hesitate to recommend Dorie to anyone seeking a coach.
I can’t tell you in words how talking with you has truly made my life changing decisions…family, friends and career go smoothly and in the right direction. From all the stress of my employer merging with a new company to leaving and starting new employment elsewhere, having you to bounce ideas off of and your professional and encouraging step by step process walked me through some tough decisions. You gave me the tools to look at situations from different aspects and see things with an open mind. You’ll be happy to know, I’m very happy with my new job, it’s more than I ever dreamed it could be! Thank you again for your help in everything we spoke about. I feel like life is on the right course and I’m welcoming the new year with open arms, new ideas, and not one regret! I would happily recommend Dorie to anyone looking for a coach.
T. Webber
Dorie Bisanz’s kind nature was inviting and relaxed and I always felt safe and comfortable to speak my truth.  Dorie helped me navigate through areas of my life that i felt stuck in. An action plan was always in place and she held me accountable to my own goals.  Dorie is empathetic, genuine and a true professional.
It has been a pleasure to have Dorie as my coach. She is amazingly good at being “laser -focus” in coaching. She doesn’t get side-tracked by my stories or wondering mind and really sticks with the issue. She challenges me to see things differently and go deeper to find the real meaning and/or solutions that I may not have thought about. She is a pleasure to work with!
Yengyeee Lor-Yang
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