3 Tell Tale Signs

1)  They became a coach in a weekend.  Unfortunately, the practice of coaching isn’t licensed yet, but there is a global governing body that oversees that certain qualifications are met.  The International Coaching Federation (ICF) sets high standards for programs that want to become ICF certified.  They require a certain amount of class time, coaching practice hours, mentoring, as well as, having to pledge to uphold professional ethics.  I know the school I chose to attend (iPEC), far exceeds the minimum required hours in a number of areas.   iPEC has the distinction of being one of the top schools, but there are some other great schools out there.  Do your research. 
2)  They marry consulting with coaching.  If the coaching is business focused, this makes sense.  These clients are looking for advice in a particular area and will benefit from their knowledge.  But if you are seeing a Life Coach they should be helping YOU discover YOUR right next move.  I’ll be honest with you, not giving advice is difficult for most coaches to master.  I’ve experienced it first hand with coaches that I’ve hired.  And it upsets me.  Honestly, it kind of pisses me off.  Before I became a coach I lost everything because I listened to others and didn’t listen to my gut.  I KNOW that the right answer for YOU resides in YOU.  I will help you find it, so you can lead the life you were meant to lead.  Which leads me to the last sign of a bad coach.
3) Trust your gut.  This is actually something coaching can help you develop, but we all have it, we just might not be paying attention to it.  If something feels “off” or it doesn’t seem like a perfect fit, there are plenty of coaches out there to choose from.  You will know when you find your match! 

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